Application for use of Institutional Rules

27th Vis Moot
Sponsors who wish their rules to be used in the 27th Moot are invited to submit an application in writing to the Moot Association via email to the co-directors until 30 September, 2017 (EXTENDED DEADLINE). The decision which rules will be used for the 27th Vis Moot will be taken in October 2017.

28th Vis Moot
The deadline for the application for the 28th Vis Moot will be 28 January, 2018 (regular date to submit applications). All applications received for the 28th Vis Moot will be considered for decision in the next General Assembly of the Moot Association, which always takes place during the Moot week in Vienna.

The application should indicate why it would be appropriate to use the Sponsor’s rules.
All applications will be submitted to a committee of members of the Verein, which will then make a recommendation to be discussed by the Verein at its annual meeting held during the Moot.

There are no contingent criteria for the selection of a particular set of rules but the most important factors taken into account when making the recommendations and the decisions are:

1. support given to the Moot over the years,
2. geographical distribution of the institutions whose rules are used,
3. the caseload of the institution and its regional importance
4. miscellaneous, including whether new rules will have been adopted by the year in question.

Please note that decisions for the use of rules have been made for the 25th Moot (UNCITRAL). The next decision making process will concern the 27th Moot.